Sunday, 19 February 2017

40K Dreadnought versus Orks

The Gaming Heir got a Space Marine Dreadnought for his birthday.
So we spent some of this afternoon sticking it together.
Then after dinner it had to have a quick test run out.

Which rather drew attention to the fact that I have very little in my Ork army that can hurt it.

Some pictures:

Not the worst way to pass an hour or so.

Now, where did I put those Lootas...

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Toy Soldiers at Nunnington

Number Two in an occasional series of pictures of old toy soldiers taken at National Trust places
These were on display at the charming Nunnington Hall in Yorkshire

There wasn't any context or explanation for these unlike the ones in the huge collection at Wallington that featured in my first such post.
But I saw 'em and snapped 'em and here they are. Highlanders in red coats kneeling to take a charge by the looks of things.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

40K Orks v Marines

Son and heir is currently appearing in the school show. As a result Gaming Heir and I had time alone this evening and squeezed in a quick game of 40K. He wanted to take everything he has, so I took all my Orks and we ran at each other and threw dice and shouted hurrah!

Here's some pictures

 Da Orky battleline

 Da Kans klank forward

 Lost in the jungle

 Da boyz emerge

 Gruzzkup and his nobz attracted a hail of fire

 Da Trukk Ladz race forward

 The only thing capable of hurting the Land Raider gets stuck in

 Da Kanz celebrate tearing a Rhino in two

 Orks and Marines slug it out

Da Kanz find terminators an altogether different proposition

Fun little game - though 40K itself remains a curious blend of bland and simplistic mixed with mind bogglingly trivial complexity. Oh and, lots and lots and lots of dice rolled to achieve almost nothing - 43 atacks, 27 hits, twelve wounds, ten saves. I had to roll seventy (70!!) dice to kill two men? Really?

Thursday, 2 February 2017

More Ork on Ork on Ork action - 40K AAR

Once more the foul greenskin hordes met in brutal combat over the wartorn remains of Stefangrad once proud capital of the mining planet Ilkestaaaaan VII.

We each took similar armies to the last game at 500 points each. This time however we used the Orky stratagem cards and picked a random trait for our Warbosses. Gruzzkup turned out to be some sort of super loud bellowing lout, meaning I'd get to re-roll morale checks. Warboss Ballruum was a speedy type, allowing him to re-roll charges and Warboss Ginganutz is cunnin' and sneaky, or possibly sneaky and cunnin' or summat and gets to re-roll wounds or summink.

And so battle began

 Warboss Gruzkup's metal father and son act.

 Da Ballruum Klan rush forward

 Da Shooty Ladz of Klan Ginganutz

Ere we go, we are da Ballruum boyz!

The klan Ginganutz Deff Dredd klanked toward the Gruzzkup metal machines whilst the rest of the Bad Moons took aim at Ballruum's boys. With limited success.

In response Ballruum's lads launched themselves through the jungle and fell upon the Lootas who had so plagued them in the last game.


Meanwhile the two Deff Dredd's met in a mighty metal maelstrom. From which the Gruzzkupp walker emerged surprisingly victorious!

Klank, whirrr, Bang!

At this point the remainder of the Bad Moons turned away from the Gruzzkup Klan and instead went after Da Ballruumz.

Steve enjoys seeing Nobs hard at it

The Ginganutz nobs went through the Ork boys like a Choppa through a soft and squidgy thing. And then they fell on the Ard Boys and Warboss

 Oooo are ya? Oooo are ya?

In the ensuing fight the Ardboys were wiped out and eventually Warboss Ballruum himself was pulled to the ground and stomped on.

At this point the Bad Moonz and the remains of the Ballruum klan turned their attention on Warboss Gruzzkup - however with the Gruzzkup Klan totally undamaged and entrenched in possession of two of the four objectives the other two sets of Orks decided runnin' away was da better part of valler or summink and I was left in control of the field!

The next game will be 600 points - though we have to stay with the same core forces. Our Warbosses keep their traits too though the Balllruum Klan will need a new warboss (and traits).
The aim is to play 5 more games so we all end up with 1000 point armies. What larks.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Dragon Rampant Dwarfs v Goblins

After spending yesterday watching the eldest boy (and several hundred other of Nottinghamshire's finest teen swimmers) plough up and down a 50m pool I felt I should spend some time with the smaller off my offspring.
So I made him play Dragon Rampant.
Two 24 point forces - we went easy on the extras and no magic.

He had

  • Light Foot, Leader, Short ranged missiles (Night Goblin spears)
  • Light Foot (NG spears)
  • Light missiles (Night Goblin archers)
  • Offensive Heavy Foot (Three Trolls)
  • Light riders, venomous (Goblin Spider Riders)

Facing him I took

  • Elite foot, Leader, Fear (Dwarf Lord and Hammerers bodyguard)
  • Elite foot (Longbeards)
  • Offensive Heavy Foot (Dwarf Warriors)
  • Heavy Missiles (Dwarfs with Crossbows)

We elected for a simple Bloodbath scenario and decided against using quests/boasts

I hid my units behind the central hill, whilst the boy loaded both flanks (though I was most worried about the trolls and spiders on my right)

I advanced and the goblins did likewise. Some frisky shooting from the spiders rapidly whittled the Longbeards down to half strength - venomous arrows proving quite tasty.

The Longbeards took troll to the face but managed to beat them back with no casualties.

Before the spiders nipped round the back and poisoned another one.

Over on the left flank some sporadic shooting had broken out, but my crossbowmen failed the first of several shooting tests - much to the small boy's amusement.

He wasn't quite so amused when the spiders failed a test and then failed again when trying to evade and were caught and cut to pieces by the clan warriors.

On the left the Lord and his men finally managed to crash into the archers, battering them thoroughly.

Unfortunately the Warriors were caught by the Trolls and despite giving as good as they got were forced back, battered - and then failed the subsequent start of turn test and fell back some more.

The trolls meanwhile shook off their battered status and advanced on the warriors, who were just about able to recover their own courage before the Trolls crashed home. In the ensuing fight, both sides inflicted casualties then failed their Courage tests spectacularly and fled the field.

This left just the two Elite Dwarf units, both reduced to half strength and the undamaged crossbows to face two units of goblin spears.

The small boy sneaked his leader's unit up nice and close and then began throwing spears at them, whittling the unit away
In the end I was forced to charge them, but despite killing a goblin or two was forced back before finally succumbing to missile fire.

In a last throw of the dice I launched the Longbeards at the other Night Goblin spear unit, but despite battering them they stayed in the game

And with that the dice told us the fight was at an end and both armies left the field.
Totaling up the Glory gave a narrow win for the Dwarfs, but as their leader lay face down in the dirt and the Goblin chief still lived to tell the tale perhaps a draw was a better reflection.

A good fun game - not too long for the small boy's attention and with lots of cinematic swingy moments. I'd made some unit cards up before the game which helped him get the feel of his units nice and early - but after a few turns we both new exactly what was going on.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Orks v Orksv Orks - 40K AAR

On the war-torn planet of Ilkestaaaaan VII amid the ruins of the capital city of Stefangrad rival Ork Warbosses have met to try and hammer out a peace accord. Or, failing that hammer a piece out of one another.

Warboss Gruzzkup had turned up with his Evil Sunz lads and Warboss Ballruum has likewise appeared with red clad boys. Meanwhile Warboss Ginganutz has used da high valyoo of his teef to kit his Bad Moon ladz out in a most un-Orky shooting fashion.

Proppa red ladz.

Steve loves big Nobz
The dawn breaks and a scene much like the end of The Good the Bad and the Ugly is played out. Only a lot quicker and with more swearing and beer drinking and rather less weird synth music.
As I have bought a Big Choppa to a Power Klaw fight I figure attack is da best part ov anyfing and launch Gruzzkup at Ballruum.
Who powerklaw's him to death in the face.
The two remaining Warbosses then manage to kill each other.

So with that out of the way we can get on with fightin'

Right, lets get it on!!!!
Thwack, thwack, thwack!

I tried an ambitious flanking manoova with the Shoota Ladz.
And ran into some Nobz.
Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go...
Steve spends a lot of time looking at Nobz
It's ON! Like Orky-kong
Over in another corner the two Evil Sunz Tribes went to Waaaagh with each other

Thwack, splat,krump!
And Ballruum'ss boyz stuffed stikkybombz up da Dreddz exhaust pipe.

Steve is used to having things shoved up his exhaust
Sadly Steve still had da wayt of numbaz. And more dakka

In the Red on Red action the Ballruum boyz came out on top and even throwing a Killa Kan into the mix was no help.

Eventually the two Evil Suns tribes had all but wiped each other out and the cocky Bad Moonz held sway in the ruins of Stefangrad.
However this is just da start and more Orky Civil Waaagh is likely to rage across Ikesaaaaan VII for a few more weeks (or until we get bored).