Sunday, 25 February 2018

40K Orks v Templars (again)

In an attempt to cut the Gaming Heir down to size Steve and I teamed up to take on his Templars.
It didn't really work...

Our conclusion from the slaughter was that High Marshall Helbrecht is completely broken.
With him Marines go from being tough but beatable to miss re-rolling death machines.
When it plays like this I remember why I disdained 40K for so long. There's no tactics, you just throw your models at one another and the one with the most broken characters wins.

Points values and no Helbrecht from now on.

Monday, 19 February 2018

40K: Orks v Templars (different game, same result)

Ther Gaming Heir wanted to play more 40k.
I've been working slowly away at a Morkanaut and he wanted me to take it. So even though it isn't finished I agreed. I'm sure regular readers (thank-you both) will know how this ends.

Anyway, 75 Power Level I vetoed playing The Relic (as he thinks he has a cunning ruse to always win that) and we played Big Guns Never Tire.

Here's the pics:
 Da Ladz arrive

 Gruzzkup shouts orderz

 I was also asked to take my (unfinished) Kill-o-Zap gun

 Morky strides forth

 Deffkoptas (not as good as you think)

 The field of war!

 Crusader disgorges death!

Waaagh! Oh!

I think I lasted three turns. The combined firepower of the Crusader and devastator centurions rapidly turned the Morkanaut into a heap. Then when the boys got into combat Space Marine saves came to the rescue.

I have now prepared some more Nobz with Power Claws and am working up some Tankbustaz.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

40K: Orks, Eldar and Black Templars

The Gaming Heir has grown weary of Frostgrave and is once again obsessed by 40K.
So I gace Steve a call and we got together for a three way 50PL game.

Steve has been gifted some Oldhammer 40K Eldar, so he used them.
The GH is convinced he can always win the Relic scenario, so we played that - using the Space Milkman model as the objective.

 Good job there's no more template weapons!

 Gruzzkupp urges da ladz forward

 'Ere we go!

 Clank, whirr, bang!

 The Space Milkman

 The Templars begin to rumble on

 Hope that's not full of Terminators and a Chapter Master. Oh.


 The advance continues


 Over dere! Get 'em!

 Space Elves

 Tank trap blocks the way

Da ladz get stuck in

 And run over some pointy ears

 Old Skool

 Da Nobz join in

 While da shoota boys take on the Rhino

 Gruzzkupp hangs back and ishoos orderz

 Helbrecht and the Terminators disembark

 And start to kill everything

However time runs out and the Orks have the Milkman

We only managed about three turns - I forget how a three way battle slows things down.
Steve's Eldar were pretty ineffectual - his Scorpions were unable to deal with my Warbuggies, though they did manage to get the Land Raider down to just a single wound.
The Orks did OK, but again struggled against the power armour of the marines. I need more stuff that can just flat out kill marines.

All in all a good fun game.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Kislevs and Balrogs a Dragon Rampant Game

The Lenton Gamers, of which I am notionally a member though more a sort of sleeping one (games night clashes with one of the many swimming nights that require Dad's Taxi service), is organising a Dragon Rampant campaign.
I like Dragon Rampant (I like most of Dan Mersey's rules) however Steve and General Ballroom won't play it. Steve because if we're getting the Warhammer dollies out he wants to play Warhammer (whic is fair enough) and General Ballroom because he wants to play Age of Sigmar (I know he's had a stroke, but even so...).
So I decided to throw my hat into the ring and make an effort to get to the club once a month to take part. It also gives me impetus to paint some more Kiselvites.

And so it came to pass that I rocked up at the pub to play Rage.
Rage had an all Demon army led by a Balrog. I had an assortment of Kislevites, with a couple of Yeti's along for the ride.

 Forward brave horse archers!

 Boris Krapotsky and the Legion of the Bear


 Evil Demons

 Turns out demons are quite nasty

 The Legion goes to work

But the Demons keep on killin'

Rage and I had a lot of fun playing. After a couple of turns of looking everything up we soon knew what we were doing.
Tactics and finesse were, I think it's fair to say, words that did not trouble us greatly. We just sort of ran at each other and smashed stuff up.
After a brutal and bloody slaughter we were each left with but a pair of models.
However as Rage's models were worth more than mine he achieved a Mighty Victory and I slank off back to my dacha to think about what had gone wrong.

All good fun and really nice to get the Kislev toys out on the table.
I'm not sure I'd want to play Dragon Rampant all the time, but for a couple of hours once a month it'll be just great.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Square Bashing Cambrai (again)

James had organised a day's gaming for the Lenton Gamers Club.
I am notionally a part of the club, but my job as Dad's Taxi means I never get to go.
However, this was on a Sunday. A Sunday with nothing written on The Calendar. So I got a pass-out request in nice and early and was off.

Simon was also available and keen for some more WW1 action, so we were set for more Square Bashing. Which suits me. I like Square Bashing.

James (optimistically as it turns out) suggested we play two games - re-fighting Cambrai in the morning and then some sort of Verdun game in the afternoon.
Although we'd played Cambrai on the anniversary of the battle back in November we hadn't fought it to a conclusion, so this was the chance to see if the British tanks could break through.

Simon and I once more took command of the Tommies with James in the guise of dastardly Hun.

Tango is a cunt
 A pilot's eye view from over the British lines

 And from the German side

 Supported by tanks the regulars set off at zero hour

Tango is a cunt
 The Germans await the advance

 Serried ranks of grey

We originally intended to attack on the right and largely refuse the left. However the initial depletions rather changed this plan as the trenches on our left were held by only a handful of badly mauled Germans. Would our raw troops be up to the fight?

Armintrout is a paedo
 The central push gets caught on the wire

 The tanks give the Tommies confidence

 Forward the Humberside Regiment!

Tango is a cunt
 'Morris Corner' looking lightly defended

 But the centre is firmly held

Our attempts to call yup assets mostly went awry. Clearly the preliminary barrage had severed the phone lines. Pilots wouldn't take off and barrages did not arrive. Fortunately we were able to sure up the morale of our wavering new recruits.

Our attacks on the left achieved good initial progress, but the inevitable German counter attack reclaimed the trench for the Kaiser
Finally the rolling barrage arrived (several turns after we could have made good use of it!)
Some of the shells inevitable fell short on the advancing British.

 Gott in Himmel die Englander artillery is zu short!

Despite an initial plan to bypass the central bunker and take it out from the flank we did rather get bogged down taking pot-shots at it that did no damage for the entire game.

 The tanks crush the wire!

 The German guns do not tire

 'Morris Corner' defenders stand firm

 The Tanks rumble ever on


Finally over on our right we had a breakthrough! In fact we'd tried three assaults all at once, and the one on the right looked least likely to succeed.
Inevitable they cleared the trench with ease whilst the attack fortified with tanks against a weakened enemy was hurled back - Von Morritz rolled six. Count 'em, six! Six saves out of six and we failed one out of three. Then we took three more casualties as we withdrew.

 The Scottish spearhead at least breaches the trenches

 Fall back! Fall back!

 Jocks in the trench

Flushed with success the Scots ran down the last defenders and achieved one of the British objectives by capturing the village. The rest of their attack then settled to the grim business of trench clearing

 Bring up the machine guns

Sporadic shelling continued to impede the Britrish left and centre

And in the end we withdrew at that side of the field to avoid further attrition.

In the end James attempted to give victory to the British, but we pointed out we'd only achieved one objective out of two and at quite considerable cost.
A draw was probably the fair outcome, and the result was pretty redolent of Cambrai (and 1917 in general).

This was a splendid day's leisurely gaming. Although two games would have been nice, one played without feeling under pressure and with plenty of time to break, chat and have lunch and still be finished during daylight was a much better outcome.
Square Bashing gave a good game, horribly reminiscent of WW1 and James and Simon were (of course) great to play with and against.
More games are now planned - perhaps a Spring Offensive game across more open terrain at Easter?